• 1870


    Lesvos, 1870. The olive-green island in the North Aegean inspires the visionary entrepreneur of that era, Dimitris Papoutsanis, for the construction of the first steam-engine olive oil and soap factory in the region. With pure vegetable oils as exquisite raw materials, it begins to produce olive oil green soap and paves the way for the establishment of a legendary company that continues its successful course to date, almost 150 years later.
  • 1913


    In 1913, the company transfers its operations from the island of Lesvos to the port of Piraeus and starts a new chapter in its history, with the construction of one of the first soap factories in Greece.
  • 1917


    In 1917, the Piraeus plant started to produce green laundry soap for the housewives of the times, as well as the production of Marseilles soap cubes for mass consumption.
  • 1936


    In 1936, the factory's production innovates again and expands into the aromatic soap industry introducing something unprecedented for the Greek market of the times: Lavender Soap and Flora Soap (the first packaged soap in gelatin).
  • 1950


    In the early 1950s, with the rise of Greek society’s standard of living, Papoutsanis finds the right market and presents the emblematic "Karavaki", an aromatic soap known for its timeless success.
  • 1967


    In 1967, the company transfers its operations to South Kifissia and expands into new business units such us the production of fatty acid-glycerine, cosmetics, edible oils and fats.
  • 1970


    In the early 1970s, the new Kifissia plant produces the first glycerin soap branded by Papoutsanis.
  • 1972


    The successful course of the company was sealed in 1972, with its accession to the Athens Stock Exchange.
  • 2001


    In February of 2001, the company launches its new factory facilities in Ritsona, Evia. Today, the Papoutsanis plant is one of the largest and most modern soap and hotel amenities factories in Europe and the only one in Greece.
  • 2018


    The company has shown a significant 19.8% growth in its turnover during the first half of 2018. In specific terms,turnover reached €12 million in the first half of 2018, compared to €10 million in the corresponding period of 2017.

    This growth was mainly due to the growth of soap noodles sales abroad, the placement of branded products in the US market, the development of existing partnership in the sector of third party production, and the development of hotel products sector.