• How can I view Product Prices?

    In order to be able to see the prices of our products, you will first have to register (this applies both for consumersand business users)

    Please follow the link to proceed with your registration and then enter E-SHOP HOTEL AMENITIES to start your order.
  • How can I proceed with an order?

    To proceed with your online purchases, you have to be a registered user. If you are not a registered user, please follow the instructions below.

    Please follow the link to proceed with your registration and then enter E-SHOP HOTEL AMENITIES to start your order.
  • How will I be certain that my order is completed?

    Your order will be completed only if the products are available (otherwise you will be shown that the product is unavailable) and only after your credit/debit card (only VISA or MASTERCARD) or your PayPal/My Bank account has been charged.

    To be sure your order is completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from our e-shop. You will receive the invoice within 15 days from the date of order by regular post.
  • What are the Payment Terms?

    In order to complete your purchase on our e-shop, a VISA or MASTERCARD credit/debit card, or a PayPal account, is needed.

    Please click on the link below and follow the instructions in order to create a PayPal /My Bank account.

    For your information, your order will be filed only after the payment procedure is concluded. As a confirmation, you will receive an e-mail with your order (in the e-mail address that you used for your registration).
  • I do not have a credit card, either a PayPal account, Ηow can I proceed with an order?

    Purchases under 500 euros can only made through our e-shop and only by using a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card or a PayPal account.

    For your information, PayPal can serve as a bank, by depositing the desired amount on your PayPal account and then making any purchase from our online store.
  • What if I wish to fulfill my order later?

    In case you just want to know what the shipping charges are or how much your order costs, you can follow the same procedure without completing your order i.e. not choosing one of the payment methods.

    The system will keep your products in the cart for your next visit to our online shop and, if the products are available, you will be able to purchase them then.
  • How can I change my order?

    Before completing your order, i.e. before selecting the payment method, please review the quantity and items you want to purchase. Any changes can be made at the cart, before selecting the payment method.
  • How can I change my shipping address?

    When you complete your order (after the payment has been done), you will receive an e-mail with the order number, the items included in the order and their cost.

    You won’t be receiving any other number or code. However, if you wish, you can send your contact details and the order number to eshop@papoutsanis.gr, in order for us to give you the courier company’s voucher number.
  • How can I change my shipping address?

    You can change your shipping address. For example, you may wish delivery to be made to an address other than the one you initially registered or to the courier agency you work with (if you are a business).

    At the checkout step “Shipping Details”, please choose the button “ADD NEW ADDRESS” in order to fill in the new delivery address.
  • When will I receive my Invoice?

    Your order will be shipped from our warehouse, along with the consignment note and courier receipt.

    Within 15 days you will receive the original invoice by regular post. If you have not received the invoice in the aforementioned period, please contact us at +30 22620 85029 (billing department) or by email at eshop@papoutsanis.gr.
  • What should I do if I receive less or different products?

    If your order is not correct, please contact us immediately at eshop@papoutsanis.gr, informing us about your contact details and the order number, and we will contact you back.
  • How can I change my personal details?

    You can change any data recorded in your profile (e.g. name, phone number etc.) by signing in with your personal login, choosing the relevant icon and then “Bill”, which is placed next to the search button. You can change the address details at the checkout section.
My Account
  • To What should I pay attention during my registration?

    Important notice!

    If you wish to register both as a consumer and as a business, you will have to use a different e-mail account.

    Fill in all the required fields to complete your registration.

    You should provide us with a correct, valid address and a contact phone, otherwise it will not be possible for us to ship your order.

  • I cannot access my account - what should I do?

    You might have forgotten or lost your password.

    You should login and select "Forgot your password". Type the email you have registered with in order to receive a link for creating a new password. The link will be active for one hour. After it expires, you should follow the same process from the start.