Papoutsanis company, with years of experience and expertise in the cosmetics industry, is a top choice for some of the largest consumer goods (FMCG) and retail companies in Greece and around the world. Both private label and branded products that the company manufactures on behalf of its clientele, come with Papoutsanis high-quality assurance, whereas its long-lasting partnerships stand as a proof of trust and credibility.

Production for Third Parties
An important business unit and a priority for Papoutsanis company, includes bespoke production for third parties, under its clients’ branding. These products are manufactured under high-quality standards and according to clients’ certain specifications, both locally and internationally.

Private Label Products
Private label products are usually produced on behalf of supermarket chains and bear the trademarks of the chain, or group of supermarkets. In Greece, the company's share in private label industry amounts to 35%, with a growing rate coming from the continuous expansion of its portfolio through the production and design of new products and innovations, but also through the expansion of its partnerships with big retailers in Greece and overseas.