Corporate Social Responsibility

An important focus for Papoutsanis company is its proven contribution to society through a targeted action plan. The company has been supporting a series of organizations that carry out important work for children and youth in Greece, such as the “Friends of the Child” charity, which takes care of children of destitute families with socio-economic or household dysfunction issues, the “Lirio Childhood Foundation", the “Association of Friends of Children with Cancer-ELPIDA” and “The Smile of the Child” Foundation.

Papoutsanis has been supporting “SOS Children's Villages” since 2017, as well as “SOS Youth Houses” and “SOS Babies Home” covering in full their annual needs regarding personal hygiene products. In Greece, there are 4 “SOS Children's Villages” and 10 “Family Strengthening” Social Centers, that help families cope with everyday’s challenges and create a safe childcare environment. There are also 2 “Youth Houses” operating in Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as the “SOS Babies Home” in Athens. In addition to the donation of products, the company supports individual actions of the Association, such as the personal hygiene awareness campaign towards high school students, held by the Children and Family Support Center in Kalamata in June 2018.

In addition, Papoutsanis collaborates with the International Olympic Academy (IOA), by providing Olivia products. The olive tree -the source of inspiration behind the Olivia range of products, and a symbol of peace, noble competition and the Olympic Spirit- represents the link to the IOA, the International Olympic Committee’s educational institution, that aims at studying, enriching and promoting Olympism. Olivia’s olive tree trademark -in line with the International Olympic Academy- is the ultimate reflection of balance between the past and the present.

Part of the CSR action plan includes young generation’s interaction with Papoutsanis company for educational purposes, through visits from schools and universities in its facilities aiming to enrich their knowledge, and also through job opportunities for young employees that aim to contribute to the country’s employment index.

Another group of actions is geared towards vulnerable social groups. In this context, Papoutsanis offers free products or participates in charitable organizations aiming in their financial support.

Apart from contributing to society, Papoutsanis focuses on the care of its Human Resources. It invests in continuous training for its employees, in improving working and safety conditions with additional medical coverage, and special perks that enhance mutual trust and support.

Papoutsanis holds a SMETA certification (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit). SMETA includes four areas of control: safety and health at work, labor standards, environmental code and code of conduct.