With nearly 150 years of activity in the industry, Papoutsanis remains consistent with its non-negotiable principle of excellence and innovation.

Consumers and partners constitute both a priority and an inspiration for the development of innovative, high-quality and affordable products, which stand out for their natural ingredients. The various certifications represent the recognition of the company’s projects and, at the same time, a creative motivation to continue its growth even stronger.

Sustainability stands as an integral part of Papoutsanis philosophy and its commitment to it, is deeply rooted in its mission, values and business strategy. Sustainable practices determine every decision and are reflected in the timeless value of Papoutsanis signature.

Research and Development Department is the driving force behind any innovative initiative of the company. Its experienced scientific staff is dedicated to the development of unique products and new product lines that meet the high standards of consumers and corporate clients within the Greek and international markets. Papoutsanis laboratories develop over 50 new product formulas per year, seek to idealize production methods and create products from exquisite raw materials and natural ingredients. Maintaining a broad database of scientific formulas and the outstanding expertise from one and a half century, Papoutsanis integrates all products with production processes while designing new pilot productions.