Our Vision

Our Vision

We are a Greek company with a global orientation. We believe in a future that is built with fresh ideas and we pursue it with a faith in our tradition and heritage and a commitment to innovative products that become a reference point in the domestic and international markets.
Papoutsanis signature is associated with authentic soap, pure raw materials and the unique ingredients of the Mediterranean.

Our products awaken childhood memories, bring to life beloved faces and are trusted among generations. Our experience and expertise of a long-lasting course leads to a daily inspiration for the making of pure products at competitive prices, which address every particular need of today’s consumer.
Our vision is to contribute to everyday wellness with quality personal care products that become a reference point in the market while at the same time meet the high standards of consumers who have been trusting us for the past 150 years.

Our Values

Legacy. Innovation. Care. Ethos.

These are the values we have been faithfully following for over a century now. The Values that declare our course to date, and have established us as the leaders of the Greek soap industry.

Legacy. We value the legacy of Papoutsanis signature and the company’s heritage since 1870 and we aim to reflect it on each and every product we create on our production line.

Innovation. We invest in modern technologies that exploit the treasures of nature and combine them with sophisticated cosmetology to create innovative products. We pursue an enduring growth through continuous research and the quest for new formulas that will foster the next innovation with our signature. Our products meet the needs of our consumers and partners and lead to new horizons.

Care. We commit each day to our consumers, our partners, society and the environment with a sense of responsibility towards everyone, taking care of their needs and gaining confidence with breakthrough ideas and innovative production systems that ensure an exemplary quality for our products.

Ethos. We make sure we remain worthy of the trust we receive from our employees, our partners and the consumers. We invest in human resources by providing the right working conditions and opportunities for progress and reward, thus building a win-win relationship of loyalty and devotion.