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Good to Declare

More than a hotel amenities line... GOOD TO DECLARE is a life statement!

Discover our brand-new ECOCERT proposition in recycled and recyclable packaging! A pure formulation with prebiotics and natural ingredients which brings gratification in making the right choice! GOOD TO DECLARE cosmetics line have obtained the organic certification COSMOS NATURAL, that guarantees the percentage of ingredients of natural origin and natural preservatives in formulas, absence of petrochemical ingredients (parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes, synthetic colorants and GMO), environmentally friendly production, responsible use of natural resources, respect of biodiversity, and eco-friendly, recycled packaging. 

Good to Declare product line consists of:

• Facial Bar Soap (40gr)

• Shampoo (40ml)

• Hair Conditioner (40ml)

• Shower Gel (40ml)

• Body Lotion (40ml)