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Skin Essentials Hotel Amenities

A series of hotel products by Papoutsanis, that stands out for its high quality and attractive price: SKIN ESSENTIALS are an affordable luxury for both traveler and hotelier. With a delicate, glycerin composition, cleansing and softening factors combined with citron, sandalwood and cedar aromas, SKIN ESSENTIALS offer a unique aromatic experience and a genuine care for body and hair. The series comes in attractive and environmentally friendly packaging.

SKIN ESSENTIALS product line consists of:
• Shower Gel (20ml & 35ml)
• Moisturizing Body Cream (20ml & 35ml)
• Shampoo (20ml & 35ml)
• Conditioner (20ml & 35ml)
• Vegetable Bar Soap (15gr)
• Vegetable Bar Soap (25gr)