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  • Melt & Pour/Hot Fill: ideal for innovative and elegant bar soaps
Melt & Pour / Hot Fill

Melt & Pour / Hot Fill

Melt & Pour can be used to produce some of the most innovative and elegant bar soaps. It is a vegetable soap base which can be used for the manufacture of transparent or –depending on the type- opaque solid soap with excellent foaming properties and a pleasant skin feel.


This soap is a special type, not produced by the standard saponification method. It is a mixture of various raw materials (soaps, surfactants and glycerin, sorbitol, which act as solubilizers).

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  • Main Advantages
    Rich foam, skin-friendly pH, cleansing and moisturizing properties, easily processed and capable of producing transparent soaps
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  • Wide Range
    Our wide range includes Transparent (Standard or SLES Free or Sulfate), Opaque (Standard or SLES Free or Sulfate), Opaque Enriched (e.g. Shea Butter) and COSMOS Certified basis


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