Olivia Fusion - New Products from PAPOUTSANIS

Olivia Fusion - New Products from PAPOUTSANIS

Papoutsanis is launching Olivia Fusion, Olivia's extension line,

Olivia Fusion: Pure, Natural Personal Care Line in three extraordinary fragrances combinations of Shower Gel & Body Lotion.

Olivia Fusion Pomegranate with pomegranate and olive extract with antioxident properties and a pleasant relaxation feeling.

Olivia Fusion Kumquat  with kumquat and olive extracts with emmolient effect and a sense of freshness all day.

Olivia Fusion Fig with fig and olive extracts for deep moisturize and sensual aromas.

The new, pure, natural Olvia Fusion line with vibrant aromas and unique bottling is availabe at PAPOUTSANIS e-shop, Attica Care Lab, selective Hondos Center stores and selective Pharmacies in Greece.

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