Papoutsanis welcomes British Ambassador John Kittmer

Papoutsanis welcomes British Ambassador John Kittmer


Papoutsanis Company with great pleasure welcomed the British Ambassador, John Kittmer, for the first time, into its production facilities in Ritsona.

John Kittmer was guided through the state of the art factory, giving emphasis to the traditional method of producing olive oil soap, the kettle process. The specific technique is rare in soap manufacturing companies around the world, and is a significant benchmark for Papoutsanis.

The British Ambassador showed great interest in the long history of the company and its relationship with the Greek economy, as well as its progress throughout the years and its future plans of expansion within and outside of Greece. The process of new product development of innovative olive oil based products in the cosmetics and personal care industry was also discussed.

The British Ambassador John Kittmer with Papoutsanis CEO Menelaos Tassopoulos and Head of Corporate Affairs Joakim Tzoumakis. 

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