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Since 1946, we produce soaps with the original ARKADI recipe: natural cleaning products, friendly to the environment, produced in Greece without synthetics, additives, colors and fragrances, and we faithfully follow the motto of our founder: "Olive means life, food, care!". In 2022, ARKADI becomes member of PAPOUTSANIS family! The iconic brand is integrated into a purely Greek company, with which it shares common vision, values and starting point: Greek identity, respect to tradition, innovation, high quality products and sustainability! The agreement is an important step in the long history of ARKADI! 

Focused on producing high-quality products with pure raw materials and keeping olive, green soap and ingredients from Greek nature at the core of our recipes, we harness the POWER OF NATURE in modern ways, to offer sustainable solutions with an ecological character; solutions that guarantee excellent results in homecare but in a more natural way!

At Arkadi we believe there is no need to compromise between what is good for our health & the environment and effective cleaning! 

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