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KORRES was founded by pharmacist George Korre in 1996 and has its roots in the oldest Homeopathic Pharmacy in Athens. Today, KORRES travels the Greek herbs on the world map, selling over 400 natural products in 30 different markets.

KORRES presents the renewed collection of Hotel products of high quality and aesthetics. The two new series KORRES Amenities, Greek Culture and Original, based on the unlimited power of nature and the brand's innovative approach to face and body care, "close" in packages of 40mL and 80mL the principles of a Greek brand with global appeal ,beneficial of course ingredients, skin-friendly and environmentally friendly formulas, clinically proven efficacy and a unique user experience "that inspires and makes us happy". The new line of KORRES hotel products is a representative example of Greek quality, innovation and it could become an integral part of Greek Hospitality, which is best represented by your own hotel unit. Find our e-leaflet here.

For more KORRES products, please visit the following link