PAPOUTSANIS SA (the “Company”) announces that in accordance with the decision of the Ordinary General Meeting of shareholders on April 19th 2022, the dividend for the year 2021 was set at € 0,05 per share. Tax will be withheld at the distributed dividend at a rate of 5% according to articles 61, 62 and 64 of L.4172/2013, thus the net dividend payable will amount to € 0,0475 per share.

The cut-off date from which the shares will be traded without the right to receive a dividend is set at April 21th 2021.

Beneficiaries in the payment of dividend will be the shareholders who will be registered in the files of Dematerialised Securities System on April 26th 2022 (Record Date). 

According to the above, the inception date of the dividend payment to the beneficiaries will be April 29th 2022.

The payment of the dividend will be made by the payer bank ALPHA BANK, through the operators of the securities accounts in the DDS as follows: 

1. Through the participants of the beneficiaries in the DDS (Banks and Stock exchanges companies), in accordance with the ATHEXCSD Regulation and the relevant decisions.

2. Especially in the cases of dividend payment to heirs of deceased beneficiaries whose titles are kept in the Special Account of their share in DDS, under the management of ATHEXCSD, the dividend payment process will be carried out after the completion of the legalization of the heirs,

The dividend payment process through ALPHA BANK’s network will be valid for one (1) year from payment date (ie April 29th 2023).

 It is reminded that dividends for the year 2021 which will not be collected until December 31st 2027 are barred in favor of the Greek State.

 For any information shareholders can contact the Shareholders Department of the Company, ph. +30 2262085000.


Vathi Avlidos, 19/04/2022

The Board of Directors